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Moe Ninja Girls Hack & Game Review

In this game you are a ninja who hides his true identity while enrolled at Mizaki School. The school has more than meets the eyes, you goals is to interact with the girls in the school you happen to be your age. This is a story based game. In Moe Ninja Girls Hack, you get the jewels for free in few minutes using our generator.At some point you start a “Ninja Seeking club” with the aim of finding fellow ninjas. The girl’s identities are revealed as you continue interacting with them. The game has been designed by a Japanese company called NTT Solmare who have experience making visual type dating games for adults and those seeking fantasy games.

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The game is suitable for anyone who loves ninja stories and those who are into romantic stories. You will find the Japanese dress code quite alluring. You can also fall in love with several women and have affairs without anyone knowing it. The game is a story so expect a lot of different plots with varying outcomes.

The game has been created with a male audience in mind but you will find a lot of girls engaging in the game. There are plenty of big chested girls in the game and you get to flirt with any of them. With over 100 costumes to choose from, gamers are usually lost for choice. This is a game for anyone who likes romantic flicks and loves those happy endings. The game has a lot of twisted plots which leave you yearning for more.

Game Plot

This is a novel about a young man meeting his soul mate without first revealing his secret identity; he happens to be a ninja. When the game starts you will have a brief description of what a ninja is and what they do. Characters include: a bubbly blonde called Ace Akari, tsundere Enju, Defrosting ice queen Rei Ayanami, Loli Myu, sexy older sister Tengge Yomoda and Yamabuki among others. You will have to interact with them so as to unlock different endings. The game is full of Japanese words which may be hard to grasp at first.Moe Ninja Girls Hack is our latest release in the year 2018.

About Moe Ninja Girls

The game is free to download but if you want to fully enjoy all episodes you will have to fork out some money. The free downloads lets you view five mini-episodes but they are designed to wet your appetite; leaving you craving for more.  You will also be limited to the number of girls you interact with, which can be very boring. The whole visual novel can only be appreciated fully once you buy the game and unlock all the cast.

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Read Steps: How to Use Moe Ninja Girls Generator

  1. First you need to visit the Moe Ninja Girls online generator.
  2. Choose the amount of Jewels/Money you need.
  3. In Last step, Complete the Verification to claim the resources.

Where to Download the Game?

The game is available for download at Google App store, Apple iOS and even on Facebook. The game by NTT solmate under their “Shall we date?” brand has had over 23 million downloads in 166 countries. The game is however not available for download in Japan. The game can be played online through your PC or through your smartphone. The game resolutions are okay when using a phone or tablet. You will have to get yourself a pair of good headphones as the game has an amazing soundtrack.


  • The glitch graphics are very high-quality with amazing soundtracks
  • Multiple plots that create suspense on the ending
  • The game is easy to sign up and it is absolutely free
  • In-game events frequently held with exclusive prizes
  • Constant updates of Japanese costumes


  • The name confuses players that this is a girl’s only game.

Final Verdict

Moe Ninja Girls is an exciting awesome game. The series will appeal mainly to a male audience but various females are mellowing up to the game. You will need to purchase the full game if you are finish all the plots. We would recommend this to anyone who likes romantic flicks.